Pre-Employment Medicals: Reasons Employers Don’t Ignore Them

Having a good job with attractive returns gives most people assurance and certainty of a safe future ahead. One of the reasons most people invest in educating their children is making their job-hunting work easier. People who need jobs are more than the jobs available in most countries today. On the other side, employers want to be sure they are giving the available opportunities to the most qualified candidates. Besides looking at the academic qualifications, most employers will also narrow down into the health status of the potential employee. For this reason, they ask the candidates to go for pre-employment medicals to assess their suitability. Medical assessment before employment is important in that it:

Pre-employment medicals

Increases retention

Companies and organizations that keep recruiting new employees eventually lose a lot in various ways. When a company hires several employees, the management should do all they can to retain them for a long time. Some clients are used to getting services from particular employees and when they find they are gone, they feel dissatisfied. One way of retaining employees is by ensuring they are healthy always. This may not be possible if you don’t take new recruits for pre-employment medicals. Click here SmartClinics

Reduces workplace injuries

No employer is happy when their employees get injured at every other time. When an employee is injured at the workplace, the liability may be too high for the employer once the law is applied. Secondly, workplace input is significantly reduced and this affects all other operations of the business. Assessing the overall health of the prospective employee is effective in reducing chances of workplace injuries. One can go for medical assessment in any of the well-rated medical centres.

Minimizes days when employees could be absent

Hiring unhealthy employees is one way of jeopardizing the operations of your business or organization. If a prospective employee suffers from a chronic condition, they may need regular checkups from their doctors. Any unhealthy person is prone to diseases and infections at any time of the year. If an employee is absent for a day or two every month, the input is highly reduced. This means you would not make much profit since you are not maximally utilizing the available time. You can go to any of the government health facilities or medical centres for the family would offer medical services for pre-employment.

Reduces the value and amount of compensation claims

If an employee suffers injuries or health problems they were insured against, they should be compensated. Most employers know this and they try to minimize chances of health issues as much as they can. Moreover, most employees know that they should be compensated once they suffer injuries or medical complications while at the workplace. Though no one wishes bad things to come their way, it is good to reduce predisposing risks. Employers with this understanding highly recommended their potential employees to go for pre-employment medicals.

It is noted that some of the health problems that employees develop at the workplace are due to ignoring these medical services. It is even advisable to get a medical report about a week before you go for an interview. If there is no government medical facility near you, you can go to a reputable family clinic for medical assessment.