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Why Putting Your Employees First is Key to Business Success

Companies have always been told that a customer-centric focus was the key to all the business success.  This customer focus has always acquired many forms in many businesses. It is repeatedly emphasized that the customer is always right and that the customer knows best no matter what. Some businesses have, however, continued to perform blow par in spite of their customer-centric focus. Some business consulting firms are increasingly advancing new philosophy to help businesses achieve success-an employee-centric approach.

The logic is that if a customer-centric business strategy is not guarantee of success, then maybe it is time you adopted a new approach that puts premium on your employees. Top management consultants do believe that when the management is concerned with overall well-being of employees, then the employees will not only be more productive but also more satisfied and even more fulfilled. Satisfied and happy employees eventually translate to very satisfied customers.

When you put your employees first, they will feel more valued and will therefore be more passionate about helping you achieve your business objectives. When your employees are happier and more satisfied, chances are that your customers will also be happier and more satisfied and this eventually translates into more customer loyalty, greater customer satisfaction and eventually, greater business productivity.

The reason for this is simple – your employees are the interface between your business and your customers.  Business consulting firms charged with improving business productivity contend that most of your business value will be created or destroyed in the last two feet of the transaction.

So what does putting your employees first really mean in practical terms? At a general level, it means valuing the contribution of your employees and giving them the pride of place in your business plans.  It means carrying them along as your organization grows in leaps and bounds. Do not separate the people from the business. Here are some simple steps that business consulting firms would recommend you implement in order to recognize the value and carry along your employees with your business success:

Articulate the business vision and communicate it to employees: This is an important part of carrying along your employees.  Let your employees understand where you want to take the company and why you need them to be onboard on this journey of growth. You can contract business consultancy services UK providers to help you in defining and articulating this vision.

Determine and define your business values: Do not just list your values, put them on a poster and hang them on your reception desk. To practicalize your values, you need to clearly define them and translate them into desired behaviors in your organization. They can also form the basis against which the employees are assessed.

Communicate, communicate and communicate:  Communication is not just about sending emails and memos. Cultivate a sense of understanding between you and your employees. It is also important to ensure that you are accessible.

Enable and Empower Your Employees: Empower your employees to make decisions regarding aspects of their work.  Give your employees the room to learn and grow within the organization.

Give employees the resources to do the job: For your employees to feel fully empowered in their roles in the organization, it is important that you equip them with the right tools that will enable them to perform effectively within the organization.  The resources can include support, training and the positions of responsibility and decision-making for the organization.

Recognize and celebrate top performers: Instead of punishing and dwelling on the things that do not go according to plan, focus on boosting the things that work.  The employees that achieve the success must be rewarded accordingly. You can contract business consulting services UK providers to assist you in designing a rewards or compensation strategy that is very much in line with your values.